Get answers to common questions.

  • Do you Deliver?

    Yes, We deliver to All Chicago Area, West Suburbs ( ONLY THE ONES NEXT TO CHICAGO, there is a $250 minimum rental required for North side of Chicago, west suburbs and some South Suburbs) South Side Suburbs & North West Indiana. Sorry North Side Suburbs, been on time is very important to us and our clients! give us a call, text or e-mail if we can help you in any way, we will.! Rentals are for one day-ONE DAY means, we deliver before 1pm (between 8am-1pm) and pick up the next day before1pm. SAME DAY PICK UP; We deliver before 1pm and pick up between 6:30pm - 8:30pm ( no dark hours) if you have any questions regarding pick ups, let us know and we'll try to work out with your schedule.

  • Is there a delivery charge?

    Yes, check our prices under delivery charges, prices range from $9.99- $44.50 Note; Due to schedule and we our priority to be on time on our deliveries - some areas farther away west and north side suburbs we don't deliver. Contact us with any questions by phone, text or e-mail. (312) 953-2164

  • Do you Set UP the bouncers and tents?

    Yes, we set up and make sure our bouncers and tents are secure, any tables and chairs- we don't set them up.

  • We rented a dirty bouncer from another company before, Do you sanitize your bouncers?

    Yes, all of our inflatables are inspected and clean at our facility and at every rental set up and pick up. We make sure you have a clean and sanitize product.

  • How do you clean your bouncers?

    All of our inflatables are clean in a three way process, inspection and removal of any grass, dirt, or general wraps (2) We use Hospital Grade Sanitizer inside and outside of inflatable to clean and wipe. (3) We spray sanitizer on mesh windows and surrounding areas .

  • I need a bouncy for a park, do they come with generator?

    No, you’ll need to add a generator to your order if going to a park or any event that doesn’t have a power source.

  • Do I need a GENERATOR if Im going to a park?

    YES! if you are going to any park/place where there is NO power source you'll need to ADD A GENERATOR to your order.